Using radio0 (Ath10k) in 2.4GHz requires changing the cabling

Because of better coverage and some legacy devices i’m running my TO Wifi only with 2.4GHz. Someone mentioned here this setup requires changing the cabling for the radio0 antennas.

Are there any tips how to do that?

i THINK what he was referring to are the “outer” cables. If you look closely on the “splitter/converter” you see 2.4 GHz and the other 5 GHz.

I think it was referring to that. Doing so, will leave your 2.4 GHz wifi-card useless. Or you’d have to have some u.fl to rp-sma cables and additional antennas to use for example the holes reserved for LTE (which i have done).

See the link… Where it says (cn2 5.8 cn3 2.4)


Someone confirms that it is exactly like @Big_boss says :wink:

EDIT: I’ve pinned this topic so it gets awareness.

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Thanks :slight_smile: Is it safe to remove the second, then useless, wifi-card and use the miniPCIe-slot for something else?


There are 3 slots…

In order from the side…I have currently put a new 2.4 GHz wifi-card much stronger. By doing that i also have removed the splitter/converter. The second one from the left (one in the middle)…is just as it is, but i have bought additional u.fl -->rp-sma cables and used the empty holes reserved for LTE. So my 5 GHz card has it’s OWN dedicated 3 antennas (the ones in the middle). The outer antennaś then indeed dedicated for the 2.4 GHz.

Which leaves the third slots from left (one close to the cpu). After reading it up, this slot is apparently a hybrid mSATA slot, but doesn’t work with all kind of devices for example the SATA-controller can’t work on that port.

So why did i tell you all of this? The two mini-pci slots on the left ARE mini-pci-slots. As long as you want put something in there demanding mini-pci-slot, then it SHOULD be oke. The one on the right, is hybrid-pci-slot/mSATA slot. I would recommend to use this slot ONLY for a mSATA SSD.

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