Using Omnia with DHT22 sensor

Hi all, has anybody succesfully used Omnia (or any other Turris, I suppose? ) with DHT22 (or DHT11) sensor?

I’ve bought one preinstalled on a board ready with pullup resistor, so I’ve connected it to +3.3V, GND and GPIO 42 pins and have been trying to make it work for a while

As adafruit libraries do not support Turris, I figured this would be a way to go:

so I instaled the driver and now I’m stuck figuring out what to do about device trees.

Most tutorials online I’ve been able to find are Raspberry PI related and don’t seem helpful.

I’ve come accross some mentions of DT overlays to be placed into /boot/overlays folder.
This folder, however, doesn’t exist on my Turris and I suspect it wont be as easy as just creating it… and I’m not at all clear on the topic of creating the overlay file anyway.

The idea of editing the global device tree doesn’t sound great either.

Omnia 2020
TurrisOS 5.1.9
Kernel Version 4.14.221

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chances are you’ll need to do this (for the iio method)… it’s only 4 lines or something so not too difficult if you have the source…

another alternative is using something like an ardiuno nano and a little bit of code to query for the temp over usb-serial…