Using Home Assistant, LXC or native Turris package?

Hi Guys,
I have a raspberry PI where I control 433MHz power outlets. I want to migrate this to my turris. I have seen in Foris interface Home Assistant, so I activated it but the version is very old 0.7.1. My question is: should use an LXC container and run home assistant from there? If yes wouldn’t it be better to remove the old package from turris repository?

There is and old project called Turris Gadgets. If I am not mistaken then there are some frozen/hacked packages because of it in our repositories. But we should resolve this somehow and provide newer version but we had no time to do so till now. It’s possible that this will be updated with Turris OS version 4.0 as we will be dropping most of obsolete stuff with it. But at the moment is the best solution to either compile your own version of that package or just deploy it in lxc.

Thank you, I have deployed it in LXC and seems to work.

Btw here the link where the whole description is how to make it work:


I have started from scratch and published my LXC container installation notes here: