Using DNS server at home over WireGuard when abroad


When abroad, I use a Turris Omnia router to connect to internet and use WireGuard to connect to home.
On IP addresses everything is reachable at home, but when using DNS names, the names can not be resolved. I have a PiHole server (reachable when pinging on IP and also when manually querying DNS on PiHole from my laptop connected to the wifi of the Turris Omnia and also from the CLI on the Turris Omnia) running at home serving as DNS.

I tried adding the local domain name and IP-address of PiHole to the “DNS Forwardings” section in “DHCP and DNS”, but that doesn’t solve it.

Is there something else I can do to make the Turris Omnia forward DNS queries for the local domain to PiHole?

That’s not how DNS is configured on Turris. You can do it in reForis.

But you might prefer not to add extra layer and just configure DHCP to serve the address of PiHole as the DNS server.

I have been exploring reForis as well, but wasn’t able to find the right setting to make this work.
I have also been considering to use PiHole as default DNS server, but when I have an internet issue at home, I won’t be able to access the internet any more through the Turris Omnia.

OK. I missed that you only wanted to resolve a particular subtree on the remote DNS server (hope-fully separated from other names). In this case you probably want:

That’s it! Thanks! Works like a charm!! :pray:

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