Using another router as an internet connection for a Turris Omnia

Last month I cancelled my contract with my ISP. I decided to get one of those neat little lte modems for my Omnia and a sim card. I don’t spend a lot of time in the house but I wanted to have a basic connection for my smart devices etc.

In trying to install this modem I found out that I need to have access to the internet to download the correct modules.

So I decided to share my phones connection to the Omnia over USB to get these modules. I found that I would also need to have access to the internet to download the modules to get internet from my phone!

I didn’t want to take out an 18 month contract for internet. So now I’m at a friend’s house who has a connection! Can anyone help me on getting the Omnia to use the internet connection from my friends router? I really don’t want to alter the settings on my friends router, just use it to download the correct modules to get the LTE modem working on the Omnia.


  1. With the Turris Omnia unplugged from the other router, connect computer to Turris Omnia using an ethernet cable.
    -Log in Reforis interface>Network Settings>LAN>
  • Change drop down in “LAN mode” to “Computer”
  • Set “IPv4 protocol” drop down to “DHCP (automatic configuration)”
  • Set “DHCP hostname” to “Turris”
  1. Connect the Turris Omnia to the other router using a LAN port on each device.

This results in my Omnia showing up as “Turris” in my friend’s router. The Turris is able to reach the internet. I am able to connect to it and download packages.

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Great workaround. Good luck setting up your lte modem. If you have any problems just search the forum and if you dont find anything useful just start a new subject. And welcome to the Turris community!

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I may have made an error in purchasing a Quectel EC25-E. :sweat_smile:

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