Using a MSATA SSD or M.2 SSD in MOX B Module

Dear all,

I wonder if it’s possible to use a mSata SSD in a MOX B-Module, or a M.2 SSD (with adapter).
Has anyone tried this already?


I just inserted a brand new Kingston UV500 120 GB mSATA SSD, it neither works in the G nor the B module.

That’s sad. The “disk controller” in the description of those modules literally means a controller, but even those don’t seem to work (Using a SATA Card with MOX B).

Simillar question :frowning:

I would like to use your product as a router WiFi but as torrent client too.

I’m thinking about to use one of your mPCIe (in Module G, for example) to install a M.2 mSATA 6Gb/s disk. Is it possible?

Could work this one?

Going through specification of both MOX and Omnia I’m fairly certain that only Omnia can use mSATA drive (which is not M.2 anyway - different form factor) as evidenced by this picture.

mSATA drives are fairly uncommon these days (M.2 took over that space), but mPCIe are even more scarce. From what I’ve seen it’s used for embedded devices because they fit into tiny spaces.
I found a specs for an Apacer drive, which seem exactly like the thing you wanna use in a MOX B or G module.

With your attached image, I thought that OMNIA has two miniPCIe slots and one miniPCIe that works also as a mSATA.

My SSD (an mSATA M.2) is more simillar to this one:


and here a graphic explanation for several M.2 SSD :wink:


Both MOX and Omnia use Mini PCI Express slots, which are physically compatible with mSATA drives, but only Omnia has SATA lanes connected to the right slot.

M.2 is a completely different form factor and cannot be used in current Turris products without a use of an adapter.

MOX requires use of Mini PCI Express SSD (not M.2 nor NVMe nor even mSATA), which are fairly hard to come by.
Notice the physical differences:

Thank you!

Now it’s more clear

Does this one can work in my new MOX?


or this one?


Could this NETAC SSD work in the MOX?

the picture says it’s an msata SSD. msata does not work in the mox.

Thank you for the info :frowning:
Any adapter to use it?

I’m using a “Renkforce RF-4284969” USB-Adapter with my kingston msata ssd

Thank you but this adapter is to “convert” it in an external USB3.1 disk, isn’t?

Probably it would cheaper to buy an external SSD :smile:

Yes, it’s just an external adapter.

An external SSD might be much cheaper.

This adapter could be work ?

I have two M.2 SSD (the OCZ&Toshiba RC100, for example) that I would like to use it but probably I can’t because the RC100 is BM and NGFF es A :frowning:

What I see on the listing is:

Support M.2 Key B Card Type.

I think most SATA based M.2 SSDs have B+M keying meaning they can go into both B or M. NVMe will be M only as they usually require four PCI lanes. What is the worse part is that it only really supports shorter PCBs, specifically 2230 and 2242, meaning you can only have 30mm or 42mm SSD. Those are slightly harder to come by. An example could be this KingSpec SSD. If you have a full length SSD (2280 if I’m not mistaken), then you’ll have to figure out a different way to tighten it down as it’s a really bad idea to leave it not secured.

Thank you

Where did you find support Key B Card Type?

You can see it on the Amazon listing in the Product description section.

I’m still not convinced that this will 100% work with MOX, but it should in theory.

Thank you @fortunerayzor but it is not available in Spain :frowning:

This one is key B compatible but probably to use with cellular or GPS M.2 card :frowning:

I’ll try it … when my MOX works :frowning:

Dear @Pharizna,

I wonder if you had any success with these adapters?

It’s a pity but it is not possibly to use an M.2 internally in the MOX