User_notify: msmtp failed login

On TOS 3.19.1, I see this when I run user_notify:

msmtp: authentication failed (method PLAIN)
msmtp: server message: 535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed:
msmtp: could not send mail (account default from /tmp/user_notify/.locked/msmtp.cfg.11825)
notifier: msmtp has failed to send e-mail notification

I’m using the standard Turris SMTP server. Does it mean that this service is no longer available?

Unfortunately, our SMTP server’s log files don’t contain the error code you’ve written. It means that your router probably attempts to send the notification to another address than it should. Please send the diagnostics from your router to, we’ll look at it.

Tech support guided me to deleting file /etc/sentinel/mailpass. After I deleted it, notifications started coming again over email.

I asked tech support to implement an automated solution to this problem so that we don’t have to care about resetting the password every now and then.