Use Turris Omnia as VDSL-Modem?

Hi all,

do you think there might be the possibility to add a PCIe-VDSL-modem in order to eliminate the otherwise mandatory extra-equpiment…?


Short: no, Long: maybe yes but not PCIe but SFP.

You mean the shiny new DrayTek VigorNIC 132?
This card hosts a complete VDSL router.

I think this will be something like a Vigor 130 / Vigor 2760 and a network chip like RTL8169 on a PCIexpress card. So it still is a full bunch of extra equipment.

There is at least one more useful thing out there: VDSL modem via SFP
Getting it seems impossible but these kind of devices exist and are probably the best way to add these to the Turris Omnia.


i am also waiting for the VDSL modem via SFP to become available but i was wondering if it might be possible to connect the DrayTek VigorNIC via a PCIe to mini PCIe connector like this one Mini PCI Express > PCI Express.

Hm… but what to do if you want to connect a landline telephone?

It will definitely not fit the box. Otherwise if there are Linux drivers in 4.4 kernel and mini PCIe to PCIe wouldn’t mess up too much it might work. So I have no idea apart from dimensions.

In old notebooks there were miniPCI 56k modems, I bet there is still plenty of those available on ebay. That might work, but most probably nobody tested it.

yes for sure it will definitely not fit the box, maybe the NAS box. Driver should not be a problem because DrayTek lists support for Linux “Linux: Redhat, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Debian (32/64bit)”.