Use turris as a SAN initiator

Hi there,

I’ve got a server with a bunch of disks sitting in it. At the moment, I share these hdds using nfs, however, this still has some issues when the server goes to sleep and wakes up again. Then I have to remount the share and restart all lxc containers on turris to access the share again which is kind of annoying.

So, I want to switch the server to be a simple SAN using ata-over-ethernet. I read that it is build in linux with kernel 2.4+ up. The server shell be the target and turris be the initiator. Server side configuration is easy since its a x86 ubuntu server working just out-of-the-box.
But I was unable to find the required aoe package for turris in the repo and the kernel module is also missing.

Is it even possible to use my turris as a SAN initiator?

Thank you for help.

From the kernel config, it looks like it was build as a module:
# zcat /proc/config.gz | grep ATA_OVER

# opkg list | grep kmod-aoe
kmod-aoe - 4.4.91+0-1-d74822050ae7ec4a1e49c6af6d672787-0 - Kernel support for ATA over Ethernet

Yes, there is a module available. So everything what you need, you have :slight_smile: