USB Tethering advice


I have a Turris Omnia with version 5.1.4 and because I often have provider issues, I wanted to be able to use my Android phone’s USB tethering capability (which works fine on a Windows Laptop).

Following this basic recipe:

when I reach step 3a and set the in command line the interface to “usb0”, my current WAN changes its underlying interface from “eth2” to “usb0”, too.

In effect, I do not get like in their example 3b a new interface TETHERINGWAN using “usb0” and the original wan still (in their example) using “eth1.2”. I get that both TETHERINGWAN and WAN use interface “usb0”.

Any idea why?
How can I add the USB interface correctly without changing the current config for WAN?

Goal: the router should start interfaces TETHERINGWAN and WAN and just use which one is connected.

Thanks for any help.

i guess the 3b is an alternative to 3a, while 3a sets usb0 to your uplink, 3b sets two wan interfaces.

there is a package mwan3 that can be configured to switch between wan interfaces:

maybe you could use that one to automatically switch to mobille uplink when your provider fails.

Another example I wanted to try, is to use wi-fi tethering using mobile phone, you can check what I found so far (I’ll try to keep updated):

+1 for mwan3
personally, I’ve installed an LTE modem in my Omnia, and keep it connected; it has a pretty low weight, so basically while PPPoE is up, almost nothing will go through it. However, when the ISP link goes down, the 4G one ends up being used.
I reckon it would be pretty much the same to use a RNDIS (or whatever the phone talks over USB when in internet sharing mode) interface instead of a wwan one.

I don’t see reason to buy 4g module or stick for cases the internet is out, as it doesn’t happen here very often.
stick might be cheaper, but the easiese solution seems to beconnecting via wi-fi to a cell phone that has some data plan.

Dear all,

Thank you for replying.

This is really only a backup solution to try whether this works (as in fact I do not get it to work). Atm, I do not want to install any new hardware, because phone and cable and usb port I have :slight_smile:

I figured that 3a changes the config for the current WAN interface… :blush: I have since played more with the uci show command.

So, how do create a new interface as described in 3b? When I follow the steps in the UI to create a new interface, I have to select an underlying network device and the UI list does not contain any USB network device. How do I make the config aware of the usb port as network device? I think that is my root problem.

This is what I see in the UI:

All that has to happen even before trying mwan3 (it needs to have two interfaces defined to switch on, I think).

Thanks you!

firewall zone should be wan and underlying network device should be usb0.
you did have usb0 interface before?
can you see “usb0” in “ifconfig -a” list?
do you have your phone connected?

did you install packages required?

Hi, I see my mistake: usb0 exists fine in the list and I can create the new interface … when I do this while the phone is connected… :blush:

I thought to set it all up and then connect the phone. Like I do not need to have a cable in a lan port to configure it…

I will check the packages again, but I installed them all individually, so I assume that is fine and ifconfig shows usb0 only when the phone is connected.

Ok, I try from here again… Thank you!

Works fine now. It is running over my phone’s tethering right now.

I will look into the package you suggested.

But not now, family visit…

Happy holidays!

The reason is the convenience: I wanted failover with no human intervention required. It’s certainly not something I would recommend if cost were an issue.

It looks like you don’t have the kernel driver installed; try installing the kmod-usb-net-rndis package. Once it’s installed, connecting the phone should result in a new network interface appearing.
I’m not entirely sure, but you might have to reboot the router after installing it (or modprobe the driver - if you don’t know what I’m saying, just reboot); you might also have to refresh the LuCI page after you connect the phone and put it in ICS mode, for the network interface to appear in the UI.

And you don’t need mwan3, if you’re happy just reconfiguring the router yourself. I’m terminally lazy, so I prefer to work hard now so I won’t have to work a little, later; you absolutely don’t have to do that :slight_smile: