USB Storage not recognized after boot

I have configured an USB stick as a storage (want to use for nextcloud and lxc) through the config interface.

After suggested reboot, I am informed that I am losing data.

After sshing in, it seems like the stick is not recognized upon boot (not even shown by blkid). When I plug it off and on, it’s recognized by the system and if I manually mount /dev/sda1 /srv/, everything seems to be fine.

What could be the problem and how to make turris mount the stick upon boot?

EDIT: /etc/config/storage seems to be configured properly as well. I am on 5.0.4.

Turris OS 5.0.4. Modules A+F
I found some problems with the usb3. I had to dispose of usb3 cable and apply a usb2 cable. After this my portable hard drives and sdcard started to work as required. Also found some differences in usb3 ports. Check them all for compatibility.