USB sound card question


i have a question, if i buy some usb sound card with driver in kernel, do i need something else to make omnia play music ?
I was thinkinf about buying something like this, but unsure if it is a good choice:

Don’t have the same one, but in general what I use is some cheap Chinese card, just needed to install kernel soundcard modules and then I installed pulse audio (to be able to use the soundcard over the network) and mpd to play music.


Thanks, got it working, but now my question is how to play URLs from android. I can do it from remote terminal but that is not comfortable. I tried some android app but i dont see there an option to play stuff from youtube or other internet places. Previously i was using Ymusic and bluetooth in old music system, but because bluetooth or wifi does not cover all rooms i want to send commands what to play to turris and turris connects via usb soundcard to the sound system. So do you know is there a way to pass urls to the mpd remotely?

Thank you

I fiddle around this too and connected USB soundcard with optical output to Turris. Pulseaudio is not necessary as you can simply rely on ALSA library. Also Pulseaudio in Turris repo for 1.0 is terribly outdated. You can succeed with compiling newer version from source code. You can also install mopidy server and use it as MPD daemon to which you can connect with various app from android phone and tablet. It can play URL of podcast and radios as well as playlists. Another possibility is to install shairport-sync package that turn your Omnia to Airplay receiveir and then you can use it as wireless speakers from Mac, Windows and Android. I wanted to archive making Turris as bluetooth speakers only to realize that Turris 1.0 does not have enough computing power for this but it will be cool to make pulseaudio with AptX and Bluez working but there are several obstacles to this.

I’m using Pusleaudio just to be able to use Omnia as another sound sink on notebook and cell phone. Wi-Fi has a wider range than Bluetooth and I found it much simpler for my needs.

I am still not satisfied with my current setup. After a bit of googling i found out an option of using headless vlc with vlc remote. Do you think it could work on omnia ? Will the sound card be visible from lxc container or i would have to try to compile it myself outside of lxc ? Any recommendations ?

It should work, but you need explicitly allow to see something like /dev/snd within cgroups in config otherwise.