USB lockup problems?

I just got an Omnia, running 4.0.5. My hope had been to use it as the household backup/media server, so I have a 2TB M.2 drive attached in a USB enclosure. It works fine most of the time.

Occasionally, though, when writing large amounts of data to the drive, the USB subystem simply locks up. The process doing the writing gets stuck in an uninterruptible “D” state. Programs like lsusb or usbreset suffer the same fate. I have to fully power-down the device to get USB back.

Meanwhile, everything else, including network routing, works just fine. I have not had problems populating that USB drive on a different system.

There is nothing in the system log/dmesg at all.

Some searching suggests I’m pretty much alone in this problem. Anybody have any clues?


Are you sure you are getting enough power on your usb attached enclosure? I got similar behavior on a linux desktop drawing too much current from all usb devices.

Well it’s just a M.2 SSD enclosure. It has no separate power supply, and shouldn’t draw a whole lot — though it does pull enough to get quite warm.

I did suspect this enclosure, though, mostly due to the heat issue, so I got a different one. So far, the problem has not recurred since.