USB 3.x Storage Sticks crash my Omnias

I’m managing several Omnia routers (silver and black) all of them running on latest 5.x.

I have bought new USB sticks for all of them to preserve logs for post-incident analysis and thought fast (and expensive) USB 3.x sticks would be best. Also to preserver the rrd-graphs from collectd/luci-statistics.

As it turned out, after testing numerous products and brands, and also trying different pre-formatted file-systems, all of them lead to file-system errors after hours or days, many times also the router becomes totally unresponsive and needed a manual restart.

Only after some time and money I tried an old USB 2.0 stick. Guess what? No more file-system errors.

I also noticed, that changing USB sticks requires a cold-start, with a real disruption of the power-supply. Simply restarting the router with the reset-button or by command won’t recognize the change. It will just complain about the filesystem of the old one not being accessible.


I put random USB stick (one that I could find) to my omnia and after a few weeks, it came out blank. I threw it out…

maybe you could manually unmount the stick and mount the new one.

I’m still having problems with USB storage.
All of my routers fail sooner or later:

kernel: [43528.859155] BTRFS warning (device sda): csum failed root 256 ino 1256 off 159744 csum 0x5295de91 expected csum 0x98f94189 mirror 1

If the router gets unresponsive people just try to reboot, or it reboots after upgrades. Then that USB storage is no longer mounted.
Since I have set up upsmon, collectd, adb and kresd to external storage on /srv/ they will fill up the mmcblk0p1 to 100% which later on, causes more problems (i.e. reForis no longer loads.).
This is really a problem.

I gave up USB stick as a storage after I found it completely empty after few weeks and bought mSATA disk.

You may encounter similar problem. While it may be turris’ problem, I can’t say.
I’m now more thinking about USB 4/5g device in a case…