Upgrading the size/storage of the USB3 device in MOX


I have a 256GB penflash USB3 connected to my MOX but now I’d like to change it for a newest of 512GB.

First at all, I tried to “clone” the old one to the newest/biggest but it’s not possible because the sector size of the newest is different and Minitool Partition Wizard or AOMEI Partition Assistant didn’t work :frowning:
Another possibility could be starting from scratch installing MOX, copying files, etc… but I’m not confident about this method. Any idea?

Help, please!

Hi @Pharizna, have you considered connecting both drives to MOX using USB hub?

Yes, but it doesn’t work :frowning:

Probably the only option would be to use a HUB but using USB2 cable in the MOX or made the copy in an Linux PC, wouldn’t?

Anyway, the device to upgrade has 2 data partitions (that are easy to copy) but another one /srv (btrfs format) with the TurrisOS. How to “clone” this last partition?

What is on the btrfs partition?