Upgraded WiFi mini-PCIe cards for Turris Omnia

I’m looking to upgrade the WiFi cards for my Turris Omnia, but all I can find on the forum is old threads for the pre-production hardware.

I have the 2020 version of the Omnia and it came with these cards:

Does anybody have experience with newer/better cards? Are there hardware compatibility requirements I should be aware of?

As far as I can tell, one of the main limitations is there I’ve got 3 antennas and only two frequency splitters. This means that I need one card with 2 antenna connectors and one with 3.

I was looking at these cards:

This thread seems quite current to me: AsiaRF AW7915-NP1 / 802.11ax / WiFi6


In this video turris team is (also) talking about “official” wifi 6 upgrade which should come:

And check omnia back side, you will find other predrilled holes for antennas.

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Thanks @vcunat . It looks like I was looking in the wrong forum section.

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Thanks @martinu . I hadn’t seen that video, it’s a very interesting presentation for any Omnia owner :slight_smile:

I had indeed not noticed that before. It’s impressive how much thought the designers gave about the ways we would want to upgrade it later!

I think those holes were (primarily) meant to accommodate the LTE upgrade pack.

Some my cards have already arrived to Europe from TW, are waiting for clearance process in Prague, in 2 days i should get them and make a try.

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I ended up running into some problems, but I did manage to upgrade both of my 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz access points: