Upgrade from 3.x to 5.3.2 broke WAN

Just to let know.

Today happened and automated update to 5.3.2. After the update the WAN interface was removed from WAN category. Configuration was preserved. To fix it I only had to assign WAN interface to WAN category manually.

It is solved now.

to be mentioned, I do not use wifi on omnia, but it is also unassigned.


Hey Daniel, thank you for your post. Apparently I’m facing the same problem here. Could you please describe briefly how the manual assignment works?



I had WAN interface not in WAN category, but in unassigned (Nepřiřazeno). Just click it, properties are shown and select to assign it to WAN category.


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Hi guys,

It would be helpful to know more details to reproduce it and/or investigate your issue. Could you please tell me how did you have configured your network? Did you use LuCI to configure it? Were you using the WAN interface or was it renamed to other?

Hi Pepe,

in my case, I configured Omnia when it arrived via reforis and forgot about it for all those years. I use Luci when there is a network problem, but I do not remember using it for configuration. My network is from the beginning like Wan out, Lan1 in, no wifi. I uses Wan prepared from setup, it was not renamed. He is printscreen how it looks in Luci.