Updating Turis : Nextcloud disappears

I haven’t updated my Turris Omnia router for months and decided to do it yesterday (Sept. 19).
I saw a really huge and long update happening, with various newtork interruptions and reboots.
The result seems to be a new, simplified interface, different from the previous basic one I used (not using LuCi), but above all, my local Nextcloud installation has disappeared. I now just get a 404 not found when going to the previous Nextcloud address and in the new interface I just do not see any way to interact with Nextcloud.
I tried to use again the old interface : I now have a really negative message, ‘deprecated’ announcing that things that I try here probably won’t work. And even from there I cannot ‘launch’ Nextcloud (I see the message ‘You already configured your Nextcloud, you can visit the site.’ which leads to the 404 not found) .
From my interface I see the following versions:
reForis 0.9.3
|Version Turris OS|5.1.0|
|Branche Turris OS|HBS|
|Version du noyau|4.14.193|
I don’t know what happened in the large update, but the feeling I retain is things are LESS simple to handle, and I lost my Nextcloud data. I am about to order a second Omnia for an installation in Paris but now I doubt :frowning:
I cannot even get back to the backup interface I previously had with the old onterface, that would allow me to gat back to the previous version -it seems this too has disappeared in the new interface!

I have the same problem. Turis 5.1, After installing Nextcloud via reForis, I only get a error 404.

Thank you vkolacek!
I can add it is not enough to

  • deinstall then reinstall Nextcloud
  • reformat the external disk (losing all stored data, I suppose)

I agree this package is flagged ‘experimental’, but such a behavior is a significant regression…
At the very least one would have appreciated a warning, to prevent Nextcloud users from updating…

And anyway : what can we try now?
Thank you!

Nobody reacts. I must have posted in the wrong forum again…