Updates for hbs-sdio branch?

Is there any updates to those, who uses hbs-sdio branch in order to keep older mox with two wifi cards working? Is it safe to update to main branch and which one exactly?

What is hbs-sdio branch?

A special branch related to Turris OS 5.4.5 issues. See: Turris OS 5.4.5 (MOX only)
I hadn’t find any information that issues that make some users stuck on 5.4.5 had been resolved, but hope that I’m wrong.

Great, SDIO works with the current hbs branch of TOS again.

Viktor, thanks!
So, it’s safe to move change back to hbs at /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf and do update?

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Just change branch to hbs. Back up your configuration to be safe.

If the SDIO card will not work, I recommend a fresh install.

After the update, I’d recommend to do a wifi reset in reforis and re-configure wifi from scratch.

If it still doesn’t work, check you config.

If SDIO stops working after an update, a wi-fi reset in reForis usually doesn’t help, but there’s no reason not to try it.

So, I had updated my MOX and everything working fine, except two issues:

  1. As @pete wrote, wifi couldn’t work until I had reset it using reforis;
  2. Connected SSD drive was disappeared and not visible even in lsusb -t. Had fixed it using opkg install fix-nor-update

@viktor & @pete , thank you for your help!