Updater updates/installs back removed apps

yesterday I have gotten rid of all unwanted apps in Lucy (proxy, openconnect etc.). What a surprise came today’s morning. Updater basically updated these applications which means it installed them back to router. Any idea how to prevent updater from installing removed applications back to router next time it runs? Is it a bug in updater? Seems like updater updates apps according to its own database ignoring installed apps.

Thanks for advice, Martin

Shoot first, ask later? :wink:
Search first, ask later! :slight_smile:


Thx, I searched, but read just the first problem mentioned and not the one below the box:-) Anyways no real solution yet, so we have to wait for SW release that will hopefully fix it.


I also hope so as my earlybird 2GB black turris just arrived today after 11 months :tada::smiley:

Isn’t the updater just a script? “updater.sh”. I am not suggesting to mess with it, but it does not hurt anybody to open it and look at it.

you could use vi or for people who do not work with terminal often (nano)

I am kind of curious what is in that updater.sh