Updater fails on new Omnia

I got a new Omnia from my ISP (fiber7.ch), went trough the 8-steps Foris installation wizard.
After it completes successfully. I get the following error message from updater:

Firmware update has failed due to a connection or installation error. You
should check your cable connection before proceeding to the next step. But do
not worry much about the update as the router will run the updater regularly.
Updater has returned the following error:

[string "transaction"]:311: [string "transaction"]:144: Collisions:
• /usr/bin/updater-wipe.sh: updater-ng (existing-file), updater-ng-migration-helper (new-file)

I don’t know where I can lookup my Turris OS Version. In Foris and Luci I see:
foris version: 95.9
OpenWrt omnia 15.05 r47055

Any suggestions? I tried to update with opkg, but then I loose connection and most packages fail to download after a while.

To know the turris OS version do a

cat /etc/turris-version

Can you post the output of this…

ping www.google.com

If that does not work, can you do the next command and post the output.


Let me know how things went.

It wasn’t really necessary to create own thread, because you can find the solution here:

Anyway, this is fixed in Turris OS 3.10.2.

Also I’m closing this thread.