Updater failed now stuck on forus & errors on updater.sh and pkgupdate


In foris I saw a number of downloaded changes that would be force installed on 5th December. So I decided to install them right away and clicked on install. After 2-3 Minutes I got a error page in foris and afterwards foris was only throwing more errors.

Logging in through ssh revelaed that pkgupdate --batch --reexec was runnig (although “–reexce” is undocumented.

As it never finished I rebooted the device. First thing I noticed it took very long to come back up and I think some services were not started so it got stuck somwhere while booting.

But the worst thing is in Foris (which is now working again) the updater tab shows a this icon which indicates it’s working (which it is clearly not). When I try to run updater.sh I got the following error:
INFO:Detected existing journal. Trying to recover it.
line not found
line not found
line not found
line not found
[string “backend”]:1173: [string “backend”]:1164: Failed to lock the lock file //var/lock/opkg.lock: Resource temporarily unavailable

The same happens when I try to run “pkgupdate”.

How to solve this?

UPDATE: After removing the lock file pkgupdate recovered from the profile and started working for a very long time and got stuck somehwere at hd-idle.postint.

After cancelling postinst process and running pkgupdate a 3rd time where it finally made a snapshot, removed leftover files etc. it seems system is back up and running again.

Also the update running icon in foris is gone. But for next I wished that the update goes much smoother all this rebooting, tweaking and fiddline around is not what I call an easy automatic update.

possible duplicate of Pkgupdate fails for latest update

No, that’s different. See, he’s 2nd post.

[string “backend”]:1173: [string “backend”]:1164: Failed to lock the lock file //var/lock/opkg.lock: Resource temporarily unavailable

This means that Updater is in progress. I think he was too hurry. We don’t know, which version of Turris OS he was using and to which version he updated.

I was regularly applying the updates (or at least foris was set to do so). So I think my version wasn’t very old. Is it normal that an update takes more then 10 minutes?

We have the same issue for months now. Actually it never worked correctly since we have our Turris device.
I also tried to stop it manually but it gets stuck again everytime I try… Can’t remember right now what was the exact error message.

When I tried again today, the error changed to the following:

root@nobody:~# pkgupdate
INFO:Detected existing journal. Trying to recover it.
INFO:Running post-install and post-rm scripts
Output from openssh-server.postinst:
rm: can't remove '/etc/uci-defaults/sshd': No such file or directory
Output from turris-version.postinst:
/usr/lib/opkg/info//turris-version.postinst: /usr/lib/opkg/info/turris-version.postinst-pkg: line 9: lxc-config: not found
/usr/lib/opkg/info//turris-version.postinst: /usr/lib/opkg/info/turris-version.postinst-pkg: line 9: lxc-ls: not found

Then it is stuck again and I can only wait (and CTRL+C after 60 minutes)

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