Updater failed -- after 3.9 upgrade

I keep getting this message from my router:

Updater failed:
inconsistent: Requested package luci-app-access-control that is not available. 

“luci-app-access-control” is one I compilied on my own and I’ve installed it before. I also have another custom package that doesn’t get alerted like this. The package resides in /usr/share/updater/localrepo/auto/ as luci-app-access-control_0.4.1.ipk, but it was installed as luci-app-access-control_0.4.1_all.ipk.

There is an entry in /etc/updater/conf.d/opkg-auto.lua, Install("luci-app-access-control").

I reran opkg install luci-app-access-control_0.4.1_all.ipk to see if it would rewrite anything, but it just said it was already installed.

Any ideas?

got the same error message.

Error notifications

Updater failed:
inconsistent: Requested package luci-proto-mbim that is not available.

this package is installed by me, so the updater can’t find it.

There is a bug in localrepo (new tool used for local packages management). The fix will be in 3.9.1. Temporarily you can do this hack echo "Repository('localrepo-auto', 'file:///usr/share/updater/localrepo/auto')" >> /usr/share/updater/localrepo/localrepo.lua

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thank you! now the updater is working great :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update. I’ll see later if my router stops bothering me.

also works for me thanks :slight_smile: