Update to 5.1.x by Medkit?


is it advisable to “update” the Turris Omnia from 3.x to 5.x by using a medkit recovery?


I did - it was painless.

It’s depend on usage.

I just tried it, it works :slight_smile:



Is there any guide for 1.x? I know it is somewhere in 4.x.beta forum, but maybe there is up to date guide.

This is really missing in the documentation.


But there is no a medkit version. Or I miss something? My SD card failed and there is now some very old version of TOS 3.x on router.
And If I remember, upgrade from older version was sometime pain. So possibility to flash 5.0 directly, will be really helpfull.

I’m using Omnia now, but I want to have Turris 1.x as a backup.

Update: what is https://repo.turris.cz/turris-stable/sdcard-rescue/ ?

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All medkit versions exist.


Rescue image is probably this.

I found it.


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Thanks, Will see what I will be able to do.

It is outdated, but in usual cases, you don’t need it. This is the SD card image, where is Turris OS 3.6.5. You will use it only when the system in NOR is somehow corrupted. As we updated files, which lays on NOR automatically, and when you do a factory reset, you will have Turris OS 3.8.3. And on top of it, if you were using JFFS2, it will move you to UBIFS.

As @viktor correctly pointed out, there is just one way, for now, how to have Turris OS 5.x. on Turris 1.x routers and this is when you are using Btrfs and then you will replace factory snapshot with content from medkit.

wget https://repo.turris.cz/hbs/medkit/turris1x-medkit-latest.tar.gz
schnapps import -f turris1x-medkit-*.tar.gz
schnapps rollback factory

What would you like to say with it, @viktor? This article is part of community documentation, where it is in Czech.

It’s perfect, that will be in official english documentation, @pepe! Many users visiting this source only.