Unwanted deleting DHCP and DNS static leases list


** Introduction
I have set up Luci DHCP so that I use static leases of 20 IP addresses bound to MAC addresses (in this number I also have a reserve IP with fictitious MAC for new devices). There is no randomly allocated IP. I must always enable the new device via MAC.

** Error manifest
If I make any change to the reForis (network - lan), even just a lease time change or increasing the number of allocated IPs above the existing 20, my static leases list is deleted. The error can be reproduced repeatedly.

So, you’re saying if you adjust the settings in the LAN tab in ReForis, all your entries in the “Static Leases” tab in “DHCP and DNS” tab in LuCI all disappear?

Yes, that’s right. I first found out when I first configured the transition to TOS 5.

I initially enabled DHCP (25 IP positions). Then I set up 20 devices in statics lease. I needed the dynamically allocated ones (5 position) for the first device connection to sniff their MAC. When I was done, I reduced the range of allocated IP to (20 IP positions), i.e. exactly the number of static leases occupied . And I could enter static leases it again :-).

Then it was repeated during the aforementioned lease time change. And the third time, to verify the dependency, I was already ready and I put down the /etc/config/dhcp file for (no manualy :slight_smile: ) recovery.

Not everything disappears, probably the currently leased stations in the lists remained (sometimes 1, sometimes 4). I didn’t analysis that.

You don’t mention where the static leases are, but they will probably be removed if they’re in the dynamic DHCP range and you make changes to it.

If you don’t want any dynamically allocated DHCP addresses, set the “DHCP max leases” to 0 and go into LuCI and set your static DHCP hosts as you would like.

What you’re naming is just an auxiliary crutch, besides, in Foris - LAN you can’t set lease time to zero
In Foris:

I apologize, I thought your complaint was about losing your hosts every time you made a change to the DHCP settings.

Who will deal with this problem? Any intervention in reForis - Network - LAN - DHCP

*** will delete the existing table Luci - Network-DHCP and DNS - Static Leases.

Bez názvu

*** Is this a task for Turris or Gitlab developers?