Unclear reason for syslog-ng log message

Hi, (hope this is the right sub-thread)

My Turris Omnia logs to a central logging server (rsyslogd), to port 514 UDP (enabled through Luci).
This morning, I saw the following message:
Oct 15 00:12:01 syslog-ng[5424]: Error opening plugin module; module=‘http’, error=‘Error relocating /usr/lib/syslog-ng/libhttp.so: deflateEnd: symbol not found’

Not sure what is causing this?

  • I was rather asleep at that time.
  • Didn’t do any maintenance on the Turris device yesterday.
  • No custom cron jobs etc. as fas as I know.

Also surprised of the usage of libhttp.so at all, shouldn’t be necessary for a regular logging server, right?

Do you have any ideas? Thanks a lot!


more details:


Thanks for the quick response! To double check I understand it correctly: syslog-ng tries to load a module that it does not need for my configuration and produces an error.
I think I found the syslog-ng settings to disable auto-loading of modules (@define autoload-compiled-modules 0), will look into that this week.

BTW: Google does not seem to scan Issues · Turris / Turris OS / Turris OS packages · GitLab, issue 942 does not show up when googling for the error message (while this thread already does).