Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery

I’m trying to bring to life the router Turris Omnia, but do not connect using PPPoE.

2016-11-08T16:34:15+01:00 info pppd[27648]: Plugin rp-pppoe.so loaded.
2016-11-08T16:34:15+01:00 info pppd[27648]: RP-PPPoE plugin version 3.8p compiled against pppd 2.4.7
2016-11-08T16:34:15+01:00 notice pppd[27648]: pppd 2.4.7 started by root, uid 0
2016-11-08T16:34:30+01:00 warning pppd[27648]: Timeout waiting for PADO packets
2016-11-08T16:34:30+01:00 err pppd[27648]: Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery
2016-11-08T16:34:30+01:00 info pppd[27648]: Exit.

Currently I’m using Mikrotik with pppoe, and it connect in second. VDSL modem is in bridge mode.

What is wrong?

maybe your upstream requires a vlan tag?
check your mikrotik config and/or isp documentation eventually

Configuration is the same. Same utp cable, same configuration, same port.

Did you find a solution to your problem? I use a Vigor 130 as an ADSL modem and it works fine some weeks without problems. Since a change at my provider “1und1” I have the same error messages with PPPoE and I get no more connection.

If your 1und1 line is switched to DTAG’s BNG you will have to use VLAN tag 7 on the line, as otherwise no connection to the ppp server… (and yes that is a change, on the BRAS platform ADSL lines did not need to use VLAN7). This might or might not be your problem, I seem to recall there a specific firmware versions for the vigor130 that will either pass through VLAN tags or will even add VLAN seven to traffic passing through specific LAN ports. But google should help if the VLAN tag is your issue…

Yes, that was the solution! “1und1” now also uses for ADSL the VLAN 7. Thanks.