uCollect: nejde aktivovat / not possible to active

Ahoj / hello,
Nejde mi spustit sběr dat v rozhranní Foris. Po zadání emailové adresy (již existující a zaregistrovaná) se sice vygeneruje odkaz k zaregistrování, ale po otevření vypíše page not found. Rady?

Not possible to activate uCollect (data colection) in Foris. After typing my email address and link generation, page not found. Any help / advices?

Díky / Thanks

Is it this bug? New router registration is missing I don’t think it’s fixed yet.

Yes, That’s exactly. I deleted “the illegal slash” in my link and router registered successfully. Right, it seems not fixed yet.
Thanks for help.

Hi @Vaclav could you point the developers at this one? You’re not going to get many new registrants for data collection if this is broken :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help, this is fixed now, nobody should have this problem any more.

Awesome, thanks @Vaclav