Two WANs, bonding and failover? loadbalancing?

Hi, I was thinking about getting second ISP connection, because my current ISP has many outages.
So I was wondering if I could use my Turris Omnia so that I would connect two WAN ethernet cables in it.
And my question is what are the options of this setup?

My ideal scenario meets these two conditions:

  1. Merge the two WANs into one single connection, so that the speed of them is combined. e.g. 100mbit + 100mbit = 200 mbit. (bonding?)
  2. if one of the connection has an outage, the other one which still has connectivity takes over. (failover?)

Please let me know if this is possible.
Is anyone doing this?
How do I do this?
Thank you!

This should be for you:
mwan3 (Load balancing/failover with multiple WAN interfaces)

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thanks that’s interesting package, I might use it in future when I get second ISP.