Two Omnias, one network

Greetings! I would like to have two Omnias on one network.

  • First one, the older one RTROM01–2G (CZ11NIC20), should primarily serve as a firewall with monitoring and Pi-Hole installed in LXC container (mSATA disk inside). No WiFi, only ethernet connected devices.
  • Second one, the new one RTROM01-FCC (CZ11NIC23), connected via ethernet to first Omnia, should serve as WiFi AP and NAS as temporary storage (Synology NAS with NextCloud installed is part of the network as well and it is for more permanent storage) on USB attached SSD.

Any particular recommendations on how should I bridge those two Omnias? Or would you recommend any other changes?


For your second Omnia (AP) you could follow this guide for OpenWRT, which basically is valid for Turris Omnia, too.


I have it configures as router and dumb AP. Devices connected Lan-to-Lan by cable and it works great. Just remember to disable dhcp on your AP. You could even completely remove wan interface and add eth2 to br-lan. There is one bug related so you might want to read before you connect your Omnias together:

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