Two BGN Wifi adapters after installing WIFI 6 upgrade?

Please help me understand If I am interpreting what I’m seeing correctly:

It kinda looks like the two adapters could both serve BGN connections.

Why couldn’t I just remove the Atheros adapter and use the Mediatek to serve all wireless connections?

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This is what’s I’ve been wondering since first mention about working DBDC card here long before upgrade pack was available - what’s the reason to keep any of old wifi card when this new one could broadcast in both bands?


AFAIK the card for Omnias is AW7915-NP1 and without support for concurrent 2.4 and 5+. The card for MOX is DBDC but has fewer MU-MIMO / antennas.

I don’t know much about this, but I think you could instead buy the MOX pack. And drop both old cards, diplexer and third antenna from your Omnia.

Thank you. I think the overall result of that you gain one empty slot but gain the ability to run the 2.4 network in AX mode. Which is not the case in my network right now.

I would need a second adapter, or as you say, use the NPI version of the card.