Tvheadend password


recently tvheadend does not accept the user/pass, I was using earlier. Maybe I have just forgotten it (altough I doubt that), but how can I check the created users and passwords?
And how can I reset the passwords?

Hi @Fenevadkan,

Recently, I discovered there is some issue with our WebApps integration for tvheadend. It accepts the credentials, but the website is blank with one small black dot. You could see that in the syslog, but I don’t think that it is your issue. So, right now, it is good to access it directly by using http://IP:9981.

You can find users and hashed passwords in /etc/tvheadend/passwd. For more details check TVHeadend documentation.

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ah thank you, it works directly with the port, so the 2 issues seem to be connected somwhow.
From the start page it does not work, when I provide the good password it just pops up the dialogue box for the user/pass input again

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