TurrisOS 3.6.2 is out

For those who haven’t gotten it yet, changelog. Also includes kernel update 4.4.59+4-1-627f0117679bc72ef5e58881035f567a-4

• logrotate: fix default configuration
• openvpn: update to the newer version
• mdadm: fix mail notifications
• curl: fix CVE-2017-7407
• bird: fix user creation
• kernel: fix CVE-2017-7184
• ntpd: update to the latest version
• knot-resolver: update to the latest version


Looks like the OpenVPN service, previously enabled and managed through the Turris normal web UI, didn’t start after this update.

/etc/init.d/openvpn start and then an /etc/init.d/openvpn enable worked and got it surviving a reboot.

(But I’d only enabled OpenVPN after the previous kernel update and hadn’t rebooted, so I can’t swear that the initial download and run had enabled it to start after reboots).

A word of notice: if you have certificate revocation lists with improper expiration dates, openVPN will now refuse to start (behavioral change in 2.4).

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It seems I’m still unable to send a notification email when using custom settings.

The system log says.
2017-04-15T10:17:23+02:00 warning []: Missing message-id in rpc-reply.

My last notification I received from my omnia was back in mid Feb.
Anyone else that receives their notifications when using a custom server setting?

I keep on getting them on one of the routers I have (the other goes still through cz.nic).

Yes, using custom server and receiving mails.

turris omnia router still does not boot back up with wifi (say after this update) , i have to reboot the turris a 2nd time in order for it to come back online. any fixes for that?

Thanks for your reply.

Do you use SSL/TLS and authentication when send mail to the smtp/relay server?

If I try to send non-authenticated I will get an error message in foris. When I send with auth I get an ok in foris but error in the log and no email.

And I’m using the same config I’ve used since start.
I also selup an account with the same information in my email program and sent it perfectly to my ISPs relay over SSL/TLS but via notifier it seems to only generate an error.

Anyone know is it is possible to get verbose logging for the notifier email progress?

Yes, it’s SSL/TLS. If you ping me this afternoon (CET) I will check the logs for more information.


Ack with the logs so will i look at the same on my side.

• openvpn: update to the newer version
• ntpd: update to the latest version
• knot-resolver: update to the latest version

WTF… “the newer version” do they not have version numbers in CZ?

or Im posting this on Reddit. :wink:

Cool story, that’s not a changelog. Who would have thought the output of a --version has version numbers? You’re a sharp one.

Here’s a changelog so you can recognize it in the future. What benefit do you get from trying to justify the Turris teams half ass changelogs?