Turris v1.1 lxc Pi-Hole

Hello everybody,
can you help me install lxc container for Pi-hole, every manual which I was found is too old and non functional. Thanks for help.

There’s not much to it, based on my own experience with an Omnia and TOS 3/4:

Create a container via LuCI (Ubuntu, because it should save hassle with $PATH issues down the track)
Run the container and login to it via Terminal using lxc-attach
Run the Pi-hole installer
Important: The installer may crap out when installing dependencies, which can be resolved by installing them manually and re-running the installer

Make sure everything’s working by typing pihole status. If you get bash: pihole: command not found, then run PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/bin/"; echo 'export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/bin/"' >> /root/.bashrc and try again.

Once done, head to LuCI > Network > LAN (Edit) > DHCP Server Advanced Settings > DHCP-Options and add 6,192.168.1.X where the IP is that of your LXC container running Pi-hole. This ensures that devices are given the Pi-hole DNS IP when they renew their DHCP lease.

Beware that 1.1 is quite an unusual architecture so some things generally get more complicated (PowerPC SPE, I think).

Ah, I see. pihole-FTL does have PowerPC support, so it’d depend on exactly where O.P. is getting stuck to know how to assist further.