Turris Shield vs Turis Omnia Firewall

Hi, does it make sense to own both? Or can we Turris Omnia owners just set up the same functionality as Turris Shield provides?
What are the advantages for us if we use both? If we use both, should we have firewall on Omnia still turned on? Is that ideal setup?

I think that owners of current Turris product (1.x included) can use same functionality.

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I’m sure they ARE using the same functionality. As of Turris Omnia definition.

If you use Turris OS 5.1, you get the same dynamic firewall functionality on all Turris routers. But the difference is that Shield has it enabled by default and on other routers it must be enabled manually (the given packages installed and EULA accepted).

Could you please then explain what’s the point in buying Shield if Mox A Start provides the same functionality and above? I’m really disappointed Shield can’t even forward ports :frowning:


AFAIK you can install luci to shield (via ssh) and configure port forwarding in it.
I believe configuring portforwarding is work in progress.

Shield’s UI is extremely simplified, intentionally. Most people never need stuff like port forwarding. I’m not sure what you mean by “Mox A Start”, but “MOX Start” doesn’t have those four LAN ports. If you add those, it will be more expensive than Shield.

Right, I got it now though I think it’s better to express that difference more clearly. I bought Shield and need to return it back and then will buy mox A + ethernet.