Turris shield updated, deteleted entire luci interface and automatically broke its DHCP server


Hello everyone, just a heads up, I got my shield only recently and unfortunately haven’t yet disabled updates(a crucial mistake).

The update

So about 2 hours ago(7PM UTC, 25.03.2021) my shield updated to the version 5.1.10, I was in the middle of configuring the luci web interface and editing a few configs with ssh, when suddenly: the update kicks in, deletes every luci package and as a consequence of that kicks me out, undoing my work in the process.

Perfectly working DHCP server(/s)

Anyways I restarted the shield so the update could finish, thinking that I’d just use a pre-update snapshot, well here is where the broken DHCP server comes into play. My network is composed of three APs which can also function as routers and if DHCP stops working then even a computer with statically configured IP wont reach the Turris. (My Turris is located on a different floor only accesible by ladder and tight crawl spaces, so its a real pain in the ass to get there).

The rollback

Anyways I disconnected the Turris, connected my laptop and rollbacked the snapshot, which seemed to do the trick. Then I disabled auto updater from config, which also worked, well it did atleast until I restarted the Turris, which automatically replaced my ‘0’ back to the ‘1’ thus turning the updates back on…

The actual questions

How do I disable auto updates ?
Is this normal or am I just cursed ?
If it is normal, whats a good alternative for the integrated OS(something more stable) ?

Hi @truthshield,

I will just skip your nickname because Turris OS 5.1.10 was released a long time ago.

Turris Shield tries to be simple as possible while being secure, there is no LuCI (from OpenWrt), and there is just simplified reForis than you know on other Turris devices. Because Turris Shield is intended for inexperienced users and is not supported to use SSH. It is intended to be a very simple router or firewall.

We can not ensure smooth updates if you make any changes by using SSH. Also, support is very limited if you do any changes by using that. If you want to get more like using SSH or LuCI, in general, I suggest you buy Turris MOX.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply.
I never wanted it to be more than a firewall, but I do need some open and forwarded ports for my IoT devices(and my raspberries), I couldnt find a way to do that from the “casual user interface”. I assume those features are coming eventually, since opening ports is one of the most basic features of any firewall. I may be missing something, I think I looked through every settings tab there, couldnt find anyway to open a port.