Turris Shield Update?

How does the Turris Shield update? I receive the following message by e-mail:

Error notifications

Updater failed:

inconsistent: Package mox-support is requested as critical. Cyclic dependency is not allowed for critical requests.

What can I do?

Helo @Falconcrest,

Thank you for reporting your issue with the updater.

What Turris OS version is installed on your Shield? Isn’t it TOS 5.2.1?

We have found a bug that causes an issue like that. It causes problems updating from some older versions (like after a factory reset). This bug should be fixed in the upcoming Turris OS version. After that version is released as stable, your Shield should update normally.

If you wish to have the newest version of Turris OS sooner, you can perform a re-flash or a flash from the cloud. Both of these rescue methods do the same
work: delete completely the internal storage (microSD card in the case of
Turris Shield), format it, and install a new factory version of Turris OS.

Re-flash requires a Turris OS image (medkit) placed on a USB drive, flash from
the Internet requires a functional Internet connection over DHCP.

You can have a look at our documentation of rescue modes, where there are the two mentioned methods
described among others. On that page, there is a link for downloading the
medkit as well as an instructional video showing the process of re-flash. The
procedure for Turris Shield is similar to Turris MOX with some changes. Especially, you need to download another medkit for re-flash:

Please, accept our apology for this inconvenience.


Thank you for the detailed explanations.

Somehow I managed to update the Turris Shield using a USB stick.
I bought the device from Amazon and the Turris OS version was 5.1.8.
Anyway, basically I understood the methods of an update, but I hope that it will run automatically in the future.

Unfortunately, I cannot use the device as expected. Connection to the Internet is realized with a VDSL modem Draytek Vigor 165. Behind it is a Fritzbox 7590 router, which also has a modem, but the connection to the remote station is more stable with the Draytek.

Actually, the Turris Shield should be in between, but since the Fritzbox executes the dial-up, I couldn’t manage it that way. Now the Turris Shield hangs behind the Fritzbox in the LAN.

In addition, there would have been problems because of double NAT and port forwarding.