Turris Shield - Questions after purchase

Hello everyone,

I’m not a complete noob when it comes to networking but it seems I don’t fully understand the concept behind the Shield. And because there’s no manual available yet, I have some other questions.

  • Firewall: I was excited about the automatic intelligent firewall of the Shield for our small office. But I was suprised to find out there seems to be no possibility to configure additional manual rules. How can I block certain ports or applications from accessing the internet or our network (incoming/outgoing)? How can I enable certain ports for certain clients? Is it too obvious so that I just don’t see it or is this not possible with the Shield? That’s how I did it on our current “dumb” firewall but I’m willing to learn if there’s better ways.
  • What’s the LED for?
  • What’s the USB-Port for?
  • General network question: if I provide the login information for our fibre modem in the Shield, will the Shield be our new “gateway”? Currently that is the router provided by our telecom company which has the login information for our internet access.

Thanks in advance!

There is the Documentation, but it is not well advertised.

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… and it contains basically nothing about Shield in particular (as I see it ATM).


It is a good idea to study the documentation, capabilities and functions of the device first before buy

I’m not complaining, I’m asking. And as @vcunat mentioned, little can be found about Shield at the moment. If you don’t want to help, why did you respond at all?


I want to add: basically this covers some of my questions (but doesn’t have any answers, too):


See chapter “Maybe Turris Shield? Maybe?”

From what I’ve read so far, Turris Shield is a simple firewall, with no complex features and set, which is distinguished by updated rules against current attacks. It is suitable as a complement to the router, where you can solve other necessary settings. I hope I’m not wrong.

Unfortunately I’ll have to send it back then. Configuration and monitoring options are too limited even for a small office. But I like the project so maybe we’ll return in the future.

For advanced configurability I expect you want MOX or Omnia rather than Shield (which is intentionally very simplified).

So a shield does standard not contain luci?

Shield doesn’t contain LuCI by default.