Turris Shield - no internet connection with the WLAN router

Hi together

I have an issue with my WLAN router, Netgear WNR 1000v2. Connected with the Turris Shield it cannot get an internet connection. I hoped it would be more or less plug and play, but it did not turned out this way.

Following is my network setup:
ISP router <–> Turris Shield <–> WLAN router

What points do I need to consider during the setup of the Shield and/or my WLAN router?

Hi, I’m using a AVM FritzBox but this shouldn’t consider. You have to choose a different network for your wan and you network. For example the isp-modem should have and the wan port . And on the “network” side you could youse the build in DHCP or something else. But the ip-range should different from the wan-port. For example I hope this helps.