Turris Shield Massive Problems

Hi, I have received my Turris Shield today and I have some strange Problems.

I setup the Shield using Firefox on windows. Set Admin password, configure DHCP etc. Supprisingly, I can log on to the web interface only from Firefox on Windows. If I reboot my computer to Linux, use Firefox there then I always get the “wrong Password” Message, I tripple checked that I am using the same password on both systems, but login is possible only on Windows. I also checked temporary a password with only A…Z a…z 0…9, but same result, a password that was set with Firefox on Windows is not accepted with Firefox on Linux (Manjaro in this case)
I do not have this issue with the Fritz Box.

The Shield has the Address, the WAN port is connected to one of the LAN ports of the Fritz box. The Fritzbox has However, doesn’t matter if I enter or, always the web interface of the shield is shown. I cannot access my Fritz box anymore.

  1. I use the Shield’ DHCP server. My clients get a DHCP lease, but there is no option to remember this Address so that the client always gets the same IP address. This makes this box useless for me because I have a File Server, an Octoprint Server and a Printer in my network that need a fixed Address. Of course I can set a fixed Address to these devices, but every 20 Euro router has an option to lease the same IP Address based on the MAC address.

Are there any hints or Tips? Do I miss something?

And now I discovered that the LAN Port 3 is not working. Only the green LED lights up, but not the orange. Devices connected to Port 3 do not get any service.

Maybe, consider providing a bug report: Bug reports must be reported to Technical support department or Gitlab


We are sorry to hear about your issues. Could you please send us diagnostics, and we will take a look at your issue?

Your feedback has been passed to our developers.

Thanks for the feedback, but that’s to many issues. I sent it back.

In general I like the idea of the project, so maybe I’ll give it a try later, when those bugs are fixed.

I’m really looking forward if other users will expire the same issues. The bug with setting a password on Windows that prevents a login on Linux may not occur very often, because most people use only one operating system.
The missing functionality concerning DHCP lease based on MAC Address is not a bug but a feature request.

I really did not expect that the web interface is so basic.

Anyhow, maybe I choose a MOX later.

you did check luci? or does the Shield not have the Luci interface? Since in luci you can make whatever leas you want to make, on ip, mac adress etc.

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The shield provides “fores”. At first I got some of the aboved named errors. But I managed it. I only fight with the openvpn connection. “No route error” but the port is forwarded in FritzBox. Maybe I use SSH to configure openvpn. Any tips? Is it possible to use Lucie and “fores” simultaneously?

but what if you try to logon with http://yourshieldIPhere/cgi-bin/luci ?

404 Not found. I think Luci is not installed

check this Shield - There is just reForis

I confirm problem with LAN connector.

Same here: The top right LAN interface seems not working!