Turris Shield LED

According to the web pages and presentations, the front LED can be turned off. But no such setting is in reforis. Any directions, please?

In LuCI is LED configuration, but in Shield in no LuCI or SSH. You must find this setting in reForis or ask Turris team for addition of this function.

Unfortunately no such setting exists in reForis :-(. How can I ask Turris team, please?

Hi @rp123,

I tried my best here to help you and to see if there is a way to disable front LED on Turris. However, this is not possible.

We will update it on our website. I am sorry for such circumstances.

Wrong topic.

I was also looking for that option and apparently it’s possible to turn them off by using the command rainbow intensity 7.
I haven’t tested it yet though since I don’t know how to access the CLI (I tried to ssh to my router but the password it asks me is not the one I set).

Unfortunately it is not the case - command “rainbow” doesn’t work on Shield at all (as well as on MOX; Shield is stripped down version of MOX. Moreover, “rainbow intensity 7” doesn’t switch LEDs off even on Omnias, where rainbow is working)…

As far as “Turris Shield is a single-purpose device for everyone who wants to easily secure their entire home or office without having to change their modem or router. No above-average IT skills needed!” (Turris - Turris Shield) it has limited configuration possibilities as it is simple purpose device.

Of course you can play with the Shield and hack it - but in this case you are on your own. It is by design not dedicated to it.

Easies way to dimm heartbeating red LED is to put some shade in front of it (similarly as you can put tape on notebook front facing web camera)… forgive me such simple and funny advice.

You can for example add LuCI interface to Shield and find how to switch red LED off, or you can play with uci command and cron to find a way… but remember, such interference is unwarranted and isn’t supported.

NB this is answering @rp123 question as well.

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Oh, sorry for the misinformation then.
I’m new and didn’t know the difference between Shield and Omnia.