Turris Sentinel Security Reports

Dear Turris users,

Last year we started releasing monthly security reports based on data we collect in our Turris Sentinel security program. You can get a Report for any of the previous months from the archive on the Sentinel View page. Since we have done it for several months, we want to ask our community for feedback. Do you find those reports useful? What did you like about them the most? What else would you like to see included there? Do you find something useless, and we should get rid of it? Let us know what you think!

  • It is fantastic. Keep up the good work
  • It is a good start but needs a little tuning
  • I’m OK with just Sentinel View
  • I don’t care about security; I’m here for the booze

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I do not run sentinel, but this looks like a great resource to see whether access attempts I see are on-offs or part of bigger campaigns.

I really like reading the comments from the professionals.
What are the new trends, what services are targeted the most and so on…

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:white_check_mark: I like it. Great to have a chance to add my devices tokens. The more data will be available for my devices, the better.

Hi ales, thank you for your feedback on Sentinel View!
However, we would like to know more on how do you feel about the Sentinel Report which is separate visualisation of collected data.

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