Turris OS (HBK)

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inconsistent: Package foris-controller-app requires package python3-slugify that is not available.

HBK - Here Be Kittens
Automatic builds the next fixup (1.0.X) release will be based on. Combines the latest stable OpenWRT and stable Turris features.

Suitable for people interested in testing future fixes and not minding occasional bugs. As this is an integration branch, it breaks from time to time. But nothing that experienced user can’t recover from.

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As almost all the details was said by @commar, I like would to add rest. In the recent foris-controller package, we come to the conclusion to use a new package due to a new feature from python-slugify, unfortunately it was not added to openwrt-18.06 branch and it is present in newer version of OpenWrt (talking mostly about openwrt-19.07 or master branch.)

Why you noticed it earlier than us, it is most noticeable due to the python-cryptography package which is no longer being compiled as in openwrt packages repository, there was updated to the latest Python 2 version. I was not able to run tested it earlier than now.

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##### Error notifications #####
Updater failed: 

inconsistent: Package python3-slugify requires package python3-text-unidecode that is not available.