Turris OS for x86


are there plans to provide a x86 version of Turris software stack?

I would like to use a Supermicro mainboard with 2 SPF+ slots on board with Turris SW. Tests with OPNsense showed that such a mainboard is able to provide firewalling at 10GB/s. Turris Omnia HW does not provide network interfaces faster than 1GB/s.


Could you maybe specify a bit more in depth the features you are interested in and which are not a part of standard openwrt?

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Why would they want to give themselves the headache of developing and maintaining another OS version for devices that they don’t sell and will bring no income?

Turris OS is specifically developed for the Turris hardware , Turris is based on OpenWRT which would be ideal for your X86 machine.


MOX allows one 2,5G module only. If it would allow 2 2,5G modules I would purchase it.

I would suggest looking into plain OpenWRT since that it is what TurrisOS is based on and has an x86 version.

I’m not sure what’s the status of automatic updates and security patches in OpenWrt but I’m not sure this would work in Turris OS x86 either so I assume HaaS and dynamic firewall are biggest advantages of Turris. The question is if there are alternatives that could be used in OpenWrt or if it can be implemented from Turris project

It seems to me HaaS and dynamic firewall could be components that do not rely too much on TOS specifics… Give it a try and report what you’ve found :wink:

There are currently no plans to create any other Turris OS variant than for our hardware. The most of our Turris OS software components are architecture-independent and thus the system can be built for any hardware where OpenWrt is available. There are some exceptions however like Sentinel (which requires the device token), booting tools (tailored to our HW), or LED control (ditto). Please remember that we can’t provide any support for building Turris OS for or running on hardware not manufactured by us.

I understand, that you cannot support other hardware than Turris hardware. Are there any plans for more powerful hardware, like e.g. MOX with 2 * 2,5GE or perhaps 2 * 10GbE SFP+? I would understand that such a powerful hardware is much more expensive than existing MOX, but I would consider to buy such a hardware with 2 * 10GBE SFP+.

Something, so far still very tentative I think:

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There is no Turris OS for x86.

You can install OpenWrt for x86

We are working on it:

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