Turris OS boot up speed

Hello, I operate multiple Turris Omnia routers and noticed that some devices’ boots up are significantly longer than others. There are probably negligible differences in their configurations like different hostnames or wifi configurations.

I noticed that the ones which boot longer have significantly more schnapps snapshots like 110:30.
I tried to delete the most of snapshots from slow devices and now I noticed that the boot-up speed seems to be comparable with other devices.

Is it known that a type or number of snapshots affects boot-up speed? Are there some more dependencies that affect boot speed and the user should be aware of that?

That seems very unlikely. Unless your disk is overfull.

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Do you run them from eMMC memory? If so, are you sure their wear levels are also comparable?

I have no record of the previous disk usage level. But there is space for normal usage without any notices of overfull. After cleanup, the / usage level is at 10%.

The devices has similar usage time, therefore I do not expect large discrepancies in wear level of memory. Is there some method to check that?

Try mmc-utils. More detailed description of usage and interpretation of the results is here: eMMC - live span, health monitoring - #9 by cynerd .