Turris OS 6.4.0 is now in the Testing branch

Dear Turris users,
we just released Turris OS 6.4.0 to the testing branch with minor fixes and security updates. If you would like to test this release between it’s promoted to the stable branch, you can follow Early access - Turris Documentation.

:rocket: New Features

  • Add support for Neoway N75-EA, Quectel EP06 and Sierra Wireless WP7607
  • Nextcloud now uses the upstream updating solution which automatically updates it to the last Nextcloud version

:pushpin: Updates

  • lighttpd: update to 1.4.71, package is now closer to the upstream OpenWrt package
  • Linux kernel updated to 5.15.120 (MOX, Omnia) and 5.10.186 (Turris 1.x)

We appreciate any feedback regarding this release.


Kudos for nextcloud solution.

I thought there was also bind security update with 6.4.0

Upgraded my TO, no issue to report.
(not using Nextcloud though)

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MOX classic, HBK branch, .5 GB, 2x WiFi, simple config, all seems OK.

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I thought there was also bind security update with 6.4.0

You are correct, Turris OS 6.4.0 builds on top of the the latest upstream openwrt-21.02 branch which includes bind: bump to 9.18.16 · openwrt/packages@8df2214 · GitHub. It was just not mentioned in the changelog, I will include it in the next one, thank you for noticing this.

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6.3.3->6.4.0 RC1 update ok (no new problems introduced), no unintended cable/wifi or internet downtime. Restart needed.

Turris Omnia 2017, 1 GB RAM, dead eMMC, system running from mSATA SSD, original wifi cards. Storage plugin enabled, LXC containers, tor relay, USB HDD shared over samba4 and minidlna, SQM, Hardwario gateway + MQTT IoT bridge, OpenVPN, PPtP VPN, morce.

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rc2 is now released with only one significant change - rainbow update to 0.1.4, fixes brightness changing over time. Changelog was also updated to include an upstream bind security update.


I now noticed that the LEDs do a very quick white knight rider about once a minute. I tried to capture a video of it, but it is very fast, and in slow-mo, there wasn’t enough light for the video yesterday evening… I definitely do not issue this knight rider command myself. The only thing I do is periodically setting brightness based on day/night via rainbow.

MOX classic, HBK branch, .5 GB, 2x WiFi, simple config.

Log of today’s update show some errors (for details see below):

  • Command failed: Not found
  • Multiple notice: “Snapshot number 329 created” (introduced probably in first 6.0.4 update)
pkgupdate start: 20230725-182756

pkgupdate start: 20230725-182756
turris-version: 6.4.0 branch: hbk SN: 56639897919
INFO:Target Turris OS: 6.4.0
INFO:Queue upgrade of rainbow-animator/turrispackages/0.1.4-1[0.1.3-3]
INFO:Queue upgrade of rainbow-button-sync/turrispackages/0.1.4-1[0.1.3-3]
INFO:Queue upgrade of mox-rainbow-backend/turrispackages/0.1.4-1[0.1.3-3]
INFO:Queue upgrade of rainbow/turrispackages/0.1.4-1[0.1.3-3]
Press return to continue, CTRL+C to abort
INFO:Downloading packages
INFO:Executing preupdate hook: 05_schnapps.sh
Snapshot number 328 created
INFO:Unpacking download packages
INFO:Checking for file collisions between packages
INFO:Running pre-install and pre-rm scripts and merging packages to root file system
WARN:Config file /etc/config/rainbow modified by the user. Backing up the new one into /etc/config/rainbow-opkg
INFO:Removing packages and leftover files
INFO:Running post-install and post-rm scripts
INFO:Running postinst of rainbow-animator
INFO:Running postinst of rainbow-button-sync
INFO:Running postinst of mox-rainbow-backend
INFO:Running postinst of rainbow
Command failed: Not found
Command failed: Not found
INFO:Cleaning up control files
INFO:Executing postupdate hook: 20_update_alternatives.sh
INFO:Executing postupdate hook: 95_schnapps.sh
INFO:Executing postupdate hook: 99_approvals_cleanup
INFO:Executing postupdate hook: cleanup_rc_d.sh
Snapshot number 329 created
Snapshot number 329 created
Snapshot number 329 created
Snapshot number 329 created
pkgupdate end: 20230725-182840

These are harmless errors caused by rainbow and present since 6.0.

Yes, I know… but, wearing my BFU hat, I’d be affaid… shouldn’t be update clean of such errors?

It is not directly related to update. These errors show whenever you call the rainbow command. And this update updates rainbow and probably just re-runs it after the update. That’s why the errors show up. Practically, it seems to me that these errors are harmless - rainbow always does its job correctly.

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