Turris OS 6.3.2 is now in the Testing branch

Dear Turris users,
we just released Turris OS 6.3.2 to the testing branch with minor fixes and security updates.

:rocket: New Features
• diagnostics: report files which have been changed compared to the package, but are not meant to be mutable

:bug: Bug Fixes
• foris-controller-librespeed-module: fix reading data_dir from UCI

:pushpin: Updates
• updater-ng: update to 70.2.0
• OpenSSL: fix CVE-2023-464 and CVE-2023-465

We appreciate any feedback regarding this release.


Update OK on Mox an Omnia. No reboot needed, no connection drop.

MOX classic, HBK branch, .5 GB, 2x WiFi, simple config, all seems OK.