Turris OS 6.3.0 is now released

I have same problem.

What is Turris Auth ?

The same here (omnia user). Also, a few hours after reboot I can’t login to reForis and found this in lighttpd logs:

2023-03-30 07:49:08: (../src/gw_backend.c.283) establishing connection failed: socket: unix:/tmp/fastcgi.turris_auth.socket-0: Connection refused
2023-03-30 07:49:08: (../src/gw_backend.c.993) all handlers for /reforis/? on /reforis are down.
2023-03-30 07:49:10: (../src/gw_backend.c.360) gw-server re-enabled: unix:/tmp/fastcgi.turris_auth.socket-0  0 /tmp/fastcgi.turris_auth.socket

Restart of lighttpd solved the login problem:
/etc/init.d/lighttpd restart

Turris Auth is the unified login page you can see when logging into Reforis (and now also Syncthing and other services). The login is shared by all the applications except Luci, so if you login into Reforis, you should no longer need to login into Syncthing.


for last two weeks I’m getting an error when trying to check for updates:

Updater execution failed:
runtime: [string “requests”]:432: [string “utils”]:443: Unable to finish URI (https://repo.turris.cz/hbs/omnia/lists/pkglists/openvpn.lua): Signature verification failure"

Is there anything I can do to be able to update to the latest version and get version of that error? I’m now on 6.2.4 version and I’m getting this error also during the day (automatic updater).

Best regards!

Hi, on my Turris 1.1 the update also did not start with the updater error message about the netmeter. After removing the netmetr package in Reforis, the update ran fine immediately.
However, I still see Speed Measurement in the package list after the update. Can I uncheck/enable it? I thought Netmeter was removed.

Actually, in TOS 6.3.0 I’m experiencing a different, maybe unwanted, behaviour!

Note: I’ve even configured different passwords for reForis and LuCI.

Enter reForis, then click the Advanced Administration menu entry and a new page is opened with LuCI already authenticated and fully operational. Before v6.3.0 you would land in a unauthenticated LuCI login page.

Device Turris Omnia
reForis version 1.4.1
Turris OS version 6.3.0
Turris OS branch HBS
Kernel version 5.15.96

Indeed, there may be some issues with LibreSpeed. The measured values are very different from recent results with NetMetr.

In reForis the speed test never ends, but clicking the refresh button shows the results of the finished test.

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That is sort of expected when tapping into distributed speedtest nodes… not all of these are all that beefy and as far as I know do not check whether they have sufficient resources before starting a test. This is probably a bit different for officially endorsed measurement systems like netmtr seems to have been.

Interesting, for me this works as expected, the test ends with a “Speed test finished successfully.” message at the top of the page… so I concur this is not fully finished. But IMHO that is not a big problem, as I assume these issues will be fixed soonish. And I think that pro-actively deploying a replacement for to-be-retired netmetr is a great move by team turris.

happend to me also when doing a manual test, but the auto part is working like a charm?

Netmetr was not removed yet, but it is going to be removed. The problem with update is known and it is bug. For everybody who had Netmetr in the past we added LibreSpeed so they could easily migrate, but we overlooked that it will happen even on Turris 1.X. This will be fixed next week in 6.3.1 and you will be able to use Netmetr for a little longer till we terminate it.

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6.2.4 > 6.3.0 no issues

Thank you turris team!

Can you elaborate on this?

Turris Omnia,update from 6.2.4, no Internet connectivity after the update. Reboot did not helped.
Reforis login page shown, but unable to log-in (authentication failed).
SSH connection OK → rollback to 6.2.4.

Turris Omnia 2020 v6.2.4 → v6.3.0

No problems so far. I did a reboot to be sure of it.

LXC, WiFi, mSATA mount everything works just fine so far.

It seems (/etc/config/librespeed) that data are saved in /tmp:

config client ‘client’
option autostart_enabled ‘0’
option data_dir ‘/tmp/librespeed-data/’

Does it meant that measurements will be removed after reboot of Turris?

Now authorization in the Transmission Remote GUI via port 443 with using SSL does not work.
There were no problems before.


$HTTP["url"] =~ "^/transmission" {
  fastcgi.server = ( "/" => ( turris_auth_scriptname => turris_auth ))
  proxy.header = (
    "map-host-request" => ( "-" => "" ),
    "map-urlpath" => ( "/transmission" => "", "/transmission/" => "/" ),
    "https-remap" => "enable"
  proxy.server = ( "" => ( ( "host" => "", "port" => "9091") ) )
  setenv.add-response-header = ("Cache-Control" => "must-revalidate, proxy-revalidate, max-age=0")

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