Turris OS 6.2.1 released

Dear Turris users,

Turris OS 6.2.1 bugfix release is out, the only significant change being a reForis LAN page issue fix.

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Fixed reForis LAN page issue with missing DHCPv6 leases

Known issues

Although the LAN page as a whole should now behave correctly, DHCPv6 lease expiration is incorrectly shown in 1970-01-01 00:00 + remaining lease time form instead of the correct expiration date and time. We are working on a fix (corresponding GitLab issue).

Your device will be updated automatically unless you have automatic updates disabled or use update approvals. As always, we will appreciate any feedback regarding this release.


Did never notice an issue on that page, but when I open Network Settings → LAN now, I get:

An unknown API error occurred.

This is happening in the logs:

Jan 16 14:04:24 omnia foris-controller[15853]: ERROR:foris_controller.message_router:Internal error occured <class 'KeyError'>(''ipv6-addr''):

Turris Omnia, Upgrade from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1.
No issue observed.

Most probably related to lan: Ignore 'ipv6-prefix' of DHCPv6 leases (#259) · Issues · Turris / Foris Controller / foris-controller · GitLab. Could you tell me how do you have your router configured? According to @mmtj, he could reproduce it once he connected multiple routers in a row.

Edit by @mmtj:
Here are the diagnostics:

I also have a Mox in my network, but it acts only as WiFi access point.

We appreciate the feedback and provided diagnostics, thanks.

However it is not good idea to expose the diagnostics files publicly - as it contains IP addresses, MAC addresses, system logs and possibly many other things that can identify your network and/or devices.

It would be better to send them in private message next time. :wink:

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Ok. Already did this in another thread recently. I have removed the files.

Maybe add a warning to the diagnostics page :slight_smile:

OT: What is wrong with the MAC address being published?

I confirm that 6.2.1 in my case fixed issue with LAN page. Thank you.

all nice working here, but i keep having this in reforis interfaces…if i try to assign WAN as WAN i get a api error.
In Luci all is fine.

Schermafbeelding 2023-01-16 192604

syslog :
Jan 16 18:22:46 turristhuis foris-controller[4087]: WARNING:foris_controller_backends.networks:No anonymous section ‘br-guest_turris’ found among network devices.
Jan 16 18:23:00 turristhuis foris-controller[4087]: ERROR:foris_controller_backends.uci:Uci transaction terminated.
Jan 16 18:23:00 turristhuis foris-controller[4087]: ERROR:foris_controller.message_router:Internal error occured <class ‘foris_controller.exceptions.UciException’>(’[‘uci’, ‘-c’, ‘/etc/config/’, ‘-P’, ‘/tmp/.uci-foris-controller’, ‘set’, ‘network.wan.device=eth2’]: command failed (b’uci: Invalid argument\n’)’):

Turris Omnia, Upgrade from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1

I am no longer able to log on to Luci - instead I am just presented with the Internet / System/ DHCP Dashboard view.

reForis works but thats not what I want as I want! :slight_smile:

Upgrade from 5.4.4 to 6.2.1, upgrade successful but my device under vlan (802.1q) not work anymore. I had to rollback to 5.4.4.

The configuration is like below (work in 5.4.4, but not in 6.2.1):

router1 (vlan tag 100) <-> (wan vlan tag 100) turris (lan vlan tag 100) <-> device (vlan tag 100)

With tcpdump (on turris os 6.2.1), i can see that the vlan packet is not forwarded from lan to wan

Empty cache of your browser, and bob is your uncle

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Thankyou - that worked :slight_smile:

I have similar setup at home, where all ethernet ports of Mox AP are attached to lan bridge (i.e. wired and wireless clients on the same network; wan is not configured).
And that specific Mox doesn’t seem to trigger this behaviour on Omnia (other routers in network do, actually :slightly_smiling_face: ).

If run following command on Omnia

ubus call dhcp ipv6leases

do you see ipv6-prefix in json data? Similar to example JSON data described in

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Yes, I do have a ipv6-prefix": [ block there.

Alright, so that looks like the same case, thanks for confirmation!

We are working on a fix and hopefully it will be available soon in upcoming Turris OS releases.

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