Turris OS 5.4 is in HBT (Testing) branch

Dear Turris community,
we just released Turris OS 5.4 to the testing branch. This version is still based on OpenWrt 19.07, but we hope to bring you Turris OS 6.0 based on OpenWrt 21.02 soon.

What’s new?
:boom: Breaking changes
• PHP update from version 7.2 to 7.4

:rocket: New Features
• Timezone in email notifications

:bug: Bug Fixes
• reForis fix session handling when time is wrong

:pushpin: Updates
• Nextcloud from version 20.0.4 to 21.0.9
• Unbound to version 1.16.2
• Kernel to version 4.14.290

How can you test it?

In our documentation, you can find an article, which describes how you can test future releases of Turris OS.

Let us know about any regressions you notice with this update either here in this thread or as a bug report on GitLab.


In this update, we introduced a slightly different changelog than usual because it contains emojis, which are far better than NFT! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: It contains four categories, so it should be more clear:
a) which breaking changes were introduced
b) which features are new
c) what was fixed
d) what was updated

Guys, what are you saying about a new changelog?

  • I like it
  • No, I don’t like it
    (if you voted this option, please don’t mind letting us know, what you’d like to improve)

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We are curious if we should keep our old changelog or use this new style for upcoming Turris OS releases.

Random comment, the emoji for the bug category shows what appears to be a caterpillar.
This is problematic for two reasons:
a) caterpillars are juvenile stages of butterflies/moths.
b) true bug nymphs do not look like caterpillars and more like incomplete but recognisable versions of the adult bugs.

However, the first actual bug documented was a moth.


Well, that unicode character is called “BUG”…

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Update ok: Turris Omnia 2017, 1 GB RAM, dead eMMC, system running from mSATA SSD, original wifi cards. Storage plugin enabled, LXC containers, tor relay, USB HDD shared over samba4 and minidlna, SQM, Hardwario gateway + MQTT IoT bridge, OpenVPN, PPtP VPN.

SFSG - similar as before :wink: All seems working :wink:

How many times has it been?